1 - High quality materials - the company keeps on the tradition using the best raw materials, solid wood for frames, the best and safe foam and goose, leather exclusively European tanning.
Always according to market trends and to quality certifications.

2 – Design, Tradition, Technogy - Giovannetti Classici follows the tradition started by the father 40 years ago, with the same care to detail and the same craftsmanship as always.

Tradition combined with new technologies in order to get a very high value and customization of the leather and italian design.

3 – Giovannetti custom made - Any product of Giovannetti's catalogue can be customized down to the last inch.
According to your wish, you can choose custom materials, sizes and confort. Starting from our catalogue we can make all the changes according to your specifications. The type of padding: softer or firmer, the depth of the seat, customization of the height and depth of the backrest, change the stitching details or the feet you prefer.
Cristiano and Alessandro will assist you in every step from the beginning to the final delivery.

4 - Leather couture and sustainability
Leather is a noble material with a very unique look. We treat this raw material using natural and ecological processes in order to guarantee maximum comfort and high quality for our products.
We make sofas, beds and other apholstered furnishings respecting a new code of conduct for manufacturing, which means a better way of doing things. A process that respects the human skills and does not pollute the air, the earth and nature.

5 - Giovannetti's after sale service - Each product is delivered to the customer with:
• Certificate of warranty
• Leather care kit – composed of useful tools for cleaning and caring our leather apholstered furniture.
• Care instruction
What's more, Giovannetti also provides after-sales support, offering advice and suggestions on how to care for and clean your leather furniture.